Porkpie Scholar Grant:

Time is Running Out!


Are you working on a Keaton-related project? Do you know someone who is? If so, we encourage you to apply for the annual Porkpie Scholar Grant.

It's easy to do. Just download this Word document, read it over, fill it out, save it and email to grant@busterkeaton.com. Or copy the text below directly into an email to grant@busterkeaton.com. Make sure you put "Grant Application" in the subject line.


Porkpie Scholar Grant Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the International Buster Keaton Society’s Porkpie Scholar Grant Program. Please fill out this form, save it as a document (renaming the file with your project name), and return it as an attachment. Or copy the text directly into the body of an email. Send your application to: grant@busterkeaton.com. Be sure to put “Grant Application” in the subject line.

To be eligible for the grant, you must develop a project that relates to Buster Keaton — his life, his films, or his influence. Projects can take nearly any form, though examples may include a film, an article, a book, a poem, a musical score for a Keaton film, photography, painting, film preservation or restoration.  This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but only to spark your creativity. Just as Buster was never one to conform to the norm, you are also invited to go as far as your creativity can take you.

DEADLINE: Your application must be received no later than December 15, 2015. The amount of each grant awarded will be $350 per year.











Statement of Purpose: The International Buster Keaton Society (also known as “The Damfinos”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1992 with the purpose of fostering understanding and perpetuating appreciation of the life, career and films of comedian/filmmaker Buster Keaton. The group advocates for historical accuracy about Keaton’s life and work, encourages dissemination of information and research about Keaton, and endorses preservation and restoration of Keaton’s films and performances.

The Porkpie Scholar Grant Program was established in 2008 with a substantial gift from a member of our organization who wishes to remain anonymous. The Damfinos matched that gift to create the seed money for this grant program. Your project or work product remains your property, but because we are awarding grants to forward the mission of our organization, we request the right to receive a copy of your grant-funded project or work, especially if it contributes to our understanding and knowledge of Buster Keaton or his body of work. Depending on its form, we may want to show your work to International Buster Keaton Society members either by being published in our quarterly newsletter, via our website or our Facebook page or, if a video or other visual presentation, at our annual convention. The Damfinos will not attempt to use or profit from your work without first obtaining your permission. If you are awarded our grant, the International Buster Keaton Society Inc. requests acknowledgement for its contribution to your project. Grant funds may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional to make this determination.


Photos from the 2015
International Buster Keaton Convention

Here are over 600 images from the 2015 International Buster Keation Convention held in Muskegon, Michigan on October 2nd and 3rd, 2015. Click on the above image to visit the galleries!