The Buster Award

Every year, The Buster Award is presented jointly by the Keaton Celebration Committee of Iola, Kansas, and The Damfinos: The International Buster Keaton Society.

The award is given to someone who has, in one manner or another, demonstrated excellence in the tradition of Buster Keaton.

Previous recipients of The Buster Award are:

Kevin Brownlow (1999):

Over the past 30-some years, he has enlightened us again and again about Buster Keaton's life and career. It is because of his writing and his documentaries that most of you are here today. (Damfinos, film buffs, and aspiring film historians.)


David Robinson (1997):

For his body of work, including the first important written analysis of Keaton's films in 1969, the quality of that work and his ability to express unusual and sharp insight into the making of films.


Eleanor Norris Keaton
Special Lifetime Achievement
Buster Award) 1997:

he will answer questions from any reporter, biographer or fan who comes along--even people she may later wish that she hadn't talked to. She has traveled the world to film festivals representing Buster Keaton. If it weren't for Eleanor and her determination, we might not remember Buster Keaton at all. Thanks to his partner, his helpmate--in short, his greatest leading lady--Eleanor Keaton--he'll never be forgotten.


Leonard Maltin (1996):

For his work as a film historian and for his lifelong mission to bring public attention to and appreciation for classic films.


David Shepard (1995):

For restoring and preserving more than 75 films, including the Sistine Chapel of the silent era--the films of Buster Keaton.



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